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Sin. Sorrow. Sadness.

18 April

.is 15.
.can't live without music.
.loves her chucks.
.thinks emo guys are hot.
.has a strange obession with black nail polish.
.likes to draw her scene people.
.reads way too many anne rice books.

.My Fav Bands.
.From Autumn to Ashes.
.As I Lay Dying.
.Taking Back Sunday.
.A Static Lullaby.
.Poison the Well.
.Anatomy of a Ghost.

forever your eyes will hold the memory
i saw your heart as it overtook me
we tried so hard to understand and reason
but in that one moment i gave my heart away
that perfect breath where my mind lay beside me
and all i knew was what had overtaken me
with no explanation i am comforted by inability to understand
when i wake from this dream will you still be here
will your smile still open my heart and leave me transparent

[Forever- As I Lay Dying]


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